Nostalgia Dragster Kits

We started this project because we could not find an old looking slingshot dragster that would tech. Most old chassis needed so much updating it was not worth the work. The newer chassis out there is a mix between modern A-arm, canard, high sitting cars with an engine stuffed up front so they can call it a FED. Not busting on them, just not our cup of Nitro.

Our chassis is new with the look of a traditional rail from the 60s. The chassis is built with all SFI specs to tech to 7.50 and up in NHRA. For an additional charge, we can build the car to run top fuel. All chassis kits come tacked together ready for finish welding. Any options that are purchased come with brackets tacked in place with option installed. We wanted to make a simple old school chassis that you can add a motor and tranny, get it finish welded, and go racing. No buying a “kit” of tubes that is supposed to be bent and fish-mouthed correctly, only to find that without a jig, it is near impossible to build it straight and true. We spent months developing the chassis to be easy to finish for the true home builder. You don’t need to be a fab shop to work on our dragster, we did the work for you. Check out our Customer Car page link above.


We want to bring back the glory days of drag racing when front engine dragsters were KING and you don’t need a second mortgage to go race. We were sick and tired of seeing $30,000-$50,000 cars being built that only the few could afford. My first car was built with a Small Block Ford (yeah we love Fords) Powerglide, 9 inch rear with 35 spline axles and spool, drum brakes, spoke laced front wheels and slotted window rear wheels. My budget was $15,000.00 with all NEW parts except motor/trans rebuilt. A budget build that runs in the 9s with a stock short block hydraulic cam motor with 9-1 compression. Put a 351 Windsor or 383 Chevy in and you’ll be in the high 8s.


Features of a Chassis Farm chassis

  • Old-time looks with modern SFI 2.6 Certification
    • Now 2.2B and 2.4B certification options as well
  • Upper and lower cockpit “pod” hoops made in one piece eliminating welding
  • CAD designed chassis
  • Tight tolerance fishmouth ends for easy welding
  • 22-inch wide cage fits up to 6-ft 5-inch tall drivers
  • Kit made so front can be varied length
  • Built in jig fixture and tack welded
    • No fitting of tubing like other “kits”
  • Front end and cockpit pod can be nested for shipping in 2 pieces
  • Step down tubing size for front tubing to give better aesthetics
  • Available bare frame, or with rear end housing and front axle added, all the way to rolling chassis

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