Our chassis is new with the look of a traditional rail from the 60s. The chassis is built with all SFI specs to tech to 7.50 and up. We now have Nostalgia TOP FUEL available as well. The frame as well as all of the brackets and tabs have been CAD designed. Brackets are CNC laser cut to insure perfect fit every time. All chassis kits come tacked together ready for finish welding. Any options that are purchased come with brackets tacked in place with option installed. We wanted to make a simple old school chassis that you can add a motor and tranny, get it finish welded, and go racing. No buying a “kit” of tubes that is supposed to be bent and fishmouthed correctly, only to find that without a jig, it is near impossible to build it straight and true. We spent months developing the chassis to be easy to finish for the true home builder. You don’t need to be a fab shop to work on our dragster, we did the hard work for you.

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